John Weston Architectural Design P/L was established in December 2007. Previously I had worked as an architectural design draftsperson for some of Tasmania's best architects & builders. I have an Associate Diploma in Architectural Practice (TAFE) of which I received the Tasmanian Chapter Student Prize for the "Best All-Round Graduate". The award was sponsored by The Royal Australian Institute of Architects in 1997. In Tasmania I am registered to perform architectural building design and documentation of building classes 1 & 10 and building classes 2-9 up to 2 storeys with a maximum floor area of 2000 m2.  I have 20 years of building design / documentation & construction experience ranging from domestic through to commercial. Although, domestic design is my preference. I enjoy being able to design a building that becomes a "home".

I provide 3 main services to my clients. These are:  

1 - Custom architectural / building design & documentation service.

2 - Drafting service.

3 - Renovation advisory service.  

I understand that for many of my clients the construction of their new home or extension will be the most expensive & emotional thing they will ever do. In this respect I always work with my clients to design a building that primarily meets all their needs.

Our Architectural / Building Design Service has 4 main stages. These are:

Stage. 1 - Briefing & Site Analysis

Before any design work gets started I meet with you & talk through your proposed development. From this meeting I can make a list of your needs, likes, ideas & importantly your budget. I also meet with you on site. The site analysis lists such things as views, sun orientation, slope & existing conditions. I will also outline my design service & fee structure. Many of my clients happily realise that custom design does not mean expensive! In all cases I will work with you to provide a design service that you find comprehensive yet most importantly affordable.  

Stage. 2 - Conceptual Design

This is where the fun begins! After making a list of your requirements & site conditions I start developing ideas / themes for your new building. Floor plans will be loosly designed along with external elevations / perspectives. I will often meet with my clients several times during this stage to work through the design ideas. These meetings quite often can run for several hours, where we find ourselves talking through ideas, sketching proposals or walking the site. All local planning rules are analysed during this process.

Stage. 3 - Design Development

After a conceptual design has been approved I start developing the design. This process converts the sketches and ideas into a more detailed set of plans & elevations. Furniture layouts are arranged & windows & doors placed for best solar benefit / views etc. I will also develop a 3D model of the proposed development & provide perspective views of the interior & exterior of the building. Quite often I will start talking to consultants about extra information that will be required at a later date. For example, a structural engineer will be asked to provide a quote for their work & provide base ideas to us on the best / economical way we can construct the building. If required this is when we apply to the local council for a planning permit for the construction of the building.

Stage. 4 - Design Documentation

After design development I will start the design documentation stage. This is where plans, sections, elevations, construction details, joinery plans & interior elevations are drawn up into a "for construction" set of working documents. All engineering details will be drawn & incorporated with my drawings so that there is only one set of construction drawings to work off. This saves alot of confusion when on site! After this stage is complete we can submit the plans to the local council for a building approval. Builders can also be contacted at this time to provide a quote for construction of the works.


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